Services Designed to Always Keep Your Best Interests Top of Mind

We are an experienced, unbiased information source that provides clients with accurate
information, reliable services and reasonable recommendations necessary to enable them to
make prudent decisions concerning the assets they control.

We listen to the client’s needs and make recommendations
based solely on their needs and objectives.

We supervise each account on a continuing basis to assure
that the client’s best interests are being served.

Our Services


• Trustees

Curriculum specifically designed for Trustees and their business concerns.

• Employees

Educational insights designed for Employees and their unique needs.


• Monitor Commissions
• Negotiate Custodian Fees
• Negotiate Investment Management Fees
• Negotiate Commission


• Determine Cash Flow Needs & Time Horizons
• Determine Asset Classes To Be Used
• Set Asset Mix Parameters
• Determine Desired Investment
Manager Characteristics


• Quantify Risk Tolerance Level
• Develop Long Term Policy
• Recommend Periodic Adjustments

Adjust Asset Classes
Rebalancing Within Asset Classes

• Rebalancing Among Investment Managers

Measurement & Evaluation

• Measurement

Absolute Time Weighted Return
Risk Analysis
Asset Allocation Analysis

• Evaluation

Relative to Investment Objective
Relative to Established Indices
Relative to Manager Style Universes
Relative to Inflation

Investment Manager
Search & Selection

• Search

Screen Prospects for Desirable Risk/Return Features
Edit Prospects for Style Characteristics
Recommend Qualified Investment Managers

• Selection

Present Pertinent Data to Trustees
Interview Investment Managers
Recommend Investment Manager(s)
Data on More than 39,000 Managed Investments

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